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The Best thing for traveler to Kerala is the lack of any problem in communication, easy commuting thanks to a great public transport system and the hard-hitting beauty of its emerald green fields of rice that stretch ahead and merge with the horizon, and the warm red tiles on the roofs of modest houses.

Green, red and the blue of the ocean with numerous coconut trees slash across the canvas with amazing regularity. The Good things like a highly successful literacy program that has resulted in the empowerment of women, a smoothly running and efficient family planning program and many such socio-economic success stories. These factors goes a long way in making a holiday so much more worthwhile and happy in Kerala..

    Tourist Attractions

  • Kozhikode

    North of Kerala lies the land, the legendary traveler Marco Polo described in A.D 1320 as "the great province of Malabar".After the 13th century, Kozhikode grew in importance as a port and as the capital of the Samoothiri kings or Zamorins, as they were called by the Portuguese.

  • Kochi (Cochin)

    Cochin or Kochi, is one of the finest natural harbours on the Arabian Sea coast of India. Cochin- renamed. Kochi has been a port of call for foreign traders from very early times. Its cosmopolitan character is reflected in the many buildings and structures representing different regions of the world. A city of peninsulas andislands, today it is the commercial hub of Kerala.

  • Thiruvanathapuram(Trivandrum)

    Trivandrum now named Thiruvanathapuram is the gateway to one of the most beautiful States in India- Kerala. Named after Anantha, the thousand-headed serpent of mythology, the city once formed a part of the kingdom of Travancore, which had its capital at Padmanabhapuram (now in Tamil Nadu state). Most of that royal heritage of fine buildings and palaces now house the state secretariat and other offices. Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple - Devoted to Lord Vishnu is the most dominating feature of the city. The profusely carved seven-story 'Mandapam' is a fine example of South Indian architecture.

  • Periyar

    In Kerala is the well-known Periyar Tiger Reserve, 777 square km in area. A rich mixed deciduous forest, interspersed with open areas of tall grass. Periyar has a large reservoir lake dotted with snags of dead wood, which provide a perch for waterbirds. It is one of the finest habitats of the Asiatic elephant. These enormous mammals swim in the waters and streams and possibly Periyar is the place they can be observed best.

  • Thekkady

    One of world's most fascinating natural wildlife sanctuaries, where you can watch wildlife at close ranges. The vegetation, the flora and fauna and the birds of Thekkady are uniquely rich, vast and varied that it does not bear resemblance to any other wildlife sanctuaries in the world.