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West Bengal is one of the first destinations in a tourist's itinerary visiting the eastern part of the country. One will find many tourist attractions in Kolkata with a medley of occidental and oriental architecture and style .The Victoria Memorial, built in memory of Queen Victoria of England is one of India's most beautiful monuments, representing a unique combination of classical European architecture and Mughal motifs. Howrah Bridge is another landmark that denotes the city of Kolkata.

This hanging bridge is an engineering marvel. It is the third largest bridge in the world and has around 2 million people crossing over it daily. Shantiniketan, Tagore's university township is a must see place for anyone visiting Kolkata. Besides the other festivals of the Hindu solar calendar, Durga Puja is the one that gains ultimate importance and attention in West Bengal and is a joyous time to visit this city. Excursions from Kolkata can take one to the Sunder bans is the largest estuarine delta in the world and the biggest colony of the Royal Bengal Tigers..

    Tourist Attractions

  • Victoria Memorial

    The Victoria Memorial of Kolkata is a majestic structure in white marble, modeled on Taj Mahal. The Victoria Memorial was built in memory of Queen Victoria in the early 20th Century.

  • National Library

    National Library in Kolkata, India is the largest library of our country that is supported by the Dept of Culture, Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Government of India. It is constructed on 30 acres Belvedere Estate in Kolkata..